Download this free trajectory prediction program to calculate your external ballistics.

Combined with Berger's highly accurate and properly referenced G7 BC's, this program
 provides reliable drop tables for long range shooting.

*Note: this program does not contain load data.

Note: Some of the new antivirus programs might block this file.  We are
currently working on an alternative option, but there is nothing wrong with the
program.  It is clean and safe to download.  If your antivirus blocks
the download, contact Bryan Litz at
and he will send it to you directly.

The ballistic program is currently unavailable. Email Bryan at the above address
for immediate assistance. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will have it running again as soon as possible.


For instructions and a description of program features, see our weblog article.

If your computer won’t run the program, please download and install this Java update:

If you have any further questions, you can email Bryan Litz at:
Options for Mobile Ballistics

There are many good ballistics programs (apps) for mobile devices.  Below are some recommended programs for their respective platforms.

   Applied Ballistic Mobile for Android 

   Shooter for Android and iOS